The Story of Ellie

The Blue Lotus Foundation was started to carry on the legacy of Ellie Pryor Booher.  Her passion, energy, kind spirit, and love for the outdoors inspired countless people on her path through life.  She was a dedicated and compassionate daughter, sister, wife, and mother.  

Whether mountain biking, running, climbing, skiing, or camping, Ellie found a true sense of peace while immersing herself in the outdoors.  In this spirit, The Blue Lotus Foundation is dedicated to helping others find their joy in the outdoors as Ellie did.

The Lotus

Ellie often wore a necklace with a lotus flower pendant and it has become a symbol we feel represents her spirit as well as our goals as an organization.

 The lotus flower has been an important and profound symbol in cultures as far back as ancient Egypt and it still endures in modern Buddhism.  It is often  seen as a metaphor for rebirth after overcoming difficulty. This is because the roots of the lotus are deep in the mud at the bottom of a pond or lake and as the stem grows up through the water, it rises above the surface to bloom into a beautiful flower. As such, it is seen as a symbol of the urge to seek new and edifying experiences, the ability to blossom and become liberated, and the victory of the spirit over the senses.

We aspire to make The Blue Lotus Foundation follow in the footsteps of Ellie - to find our way through the mud and muck and make the world a more beautiful and enjoyable place for everyone.





Board of directors


Chris Booher, Founder & Board Member

Angie Harrison, Board Member

Kelly Coulter, Board Member

John Murkowski, Board Member

Steven Booher, Board Member