Leavenworth Pump Track

Mission Accomplished!

In the spring of of 2016, what started as a simple idea finally became a reality.  The Leavenworth Pump Track is now up and running and being used everyday by our local community as well as visitors to our town.  We'd like to give a huge thanks to Velosolutions for building the track as well as our entire community - near and far - for helping with their time, expertise, and money to make this project happen.  We couldn't have done it without you!  

Here are a couple videos of the finished track: (We suggest seeing and riding it in person, though!)

The Blue Lotus Foundation’s first project is to build an asphalt pump track in our community of Leavenworth, Washington – providing a free, safe, low-risk environment with minimal environmental impact for our community to gather, exercise, develop biking skills and have fun.  

 So, what is a pump track?

 A pump track is a continuous loop of berms and rollers that cyclists ride by “pumping” or shifting their weight in conjunction with the contours of the course, with the goal of not having to pedal.  Pump tracks help build bike handling skills, are a good workout, and most importantly are just plain fun for young and old alike.  All abilities from a small child on a push bike to an adult expert mountain biker can enjoy the same pump track.  Though most pump tracks are made with dirt, solid surface pump tracks are a new innovation.  Compared to dirt pump tracks, asphalt pump tracks have less environmental impact due to less erosion and decreased watering and maintenance requirements.  They can be enjoyed as long as there is no snow or ice on the track and can also be used by scooters, skateboards and roller skates.

The pump track will be built in Enchantment Park in Leavenworth.  The track will be located next to the playground and sports fields, offering the advantages of parking and restroom facilities and the beautiful natural backdrop of the Wenatchee River and the Cascade Mountains.  The City of Leavenworth has approved the pump track and generously donated the site for the project.   Furthermore, the City has committed to maintain the track, landscaping, and liability once the project is finished.  

  • The planned build date is Spring 2016.  The Blue Lotus Foundation has teamed up with Velosolutions, a Swiss based company that specializes in asphalt pump tracks.  Velosolutions is very committed to the spirit and nature of this project, working with us to keep the costs as low as possible and allowing us to utilize volunteers wherever possible.