Pump Track Making Progress!

Steven Booher

We just wanted to write a brief update to let you know what we've been up to the last couple months:

- Since the initial fundraiser, we've received full approval from the City of Leavenworth!    This means we have official blessings to build the track in Enchantment Park in the empty gravel area up against the hill.  The Parks Department will be helping maintain the pump track after it's built and the City will cover insurance through their current plan covering the park.  In case you haven't seen it yet, here is the initial concept design for the track:

- We've submitted several grant applications to help with funding the construction budget.  

- We have also contacted several local businesses in the fields of construction, gravel, asphalt, landscaping, and irrigation.  We love the idea of partnering with local businesses that are invested in the community and we've received amazing support and feedback about how they can help make this project happen.

- And of course we've heard from the very generous people of Leavenworth and beyond.  After starting a GoFundMe Campaign, we raised over $5,000 the in the first week, and now  have over $8,500 in donations!  This is so amazing, it's hard to say THANK YOU loud enough.  Rest assured, this money helps in a huge way not only for direct funding, but also in helping to securing grant funding. 

Its been amazing to see and hear the overwhelming support of the community here.  Please, keep the encouragement and ideas coming!  It not only keeps us extra-motivated, but it keeps everyone psyched and thinking about riding the track next summer.

Ellie would be so proud!  Thanks again for all your support!

- The Blue Lotus Team